Best European High Roller Casinos Online | VIP Casinos, 2022

Have you ever visited an online casino to play your favourite game, only to find out that the amount you can withdraw is limited because of unexpected cashout limits? If so, then the high roller casinos listed here are perfect for players like yourself. They’re fast withdrawal casinos with a range of payment method options that allow users to instantly cash out all winnings while not having any substantial withdrawal limit whatsoever. You’ll also find online casinos that provide reasonably high withdrawal limits and give you a payout of up to 50,000 EUR per day.

So, suppose you’re worried about winning large amounts of money and not being able to withdraw the winnings. In that case, some of the top-ranked online European casinos provide the best gambling experience to customers who prefer to play casino games for high stakes and without any concerns over being able to cash out.

Best EU High Roller Casinos with No Withdrawal Limits

The following are our top-rated casinos for European players who like to gamble high and looking for an enjoyable online casino platform that offers a variety of exciting games and fast cashouts. As mentioned earlier, some casinos in this list may have daily withdrawal limits. Still, they’ll be high enough and will certainly not limit players who like to deposit and play high-stakes casino games online. You’ll find more details on each of the recommended casinos below.

Bitstarz award winning EU casino

Bitstarz Casino

BitStarz is a well-known online casino among European high-rolling players. They offer a 125% VIP welcome bonus of up to 1500 EUR and all the right ingredients for high-stakes players looking to win big. Their site is a perfect example of an online casino with no cashout limits and plenty of jackpot games. Just be aware of the wagering requirements before signing up.

Players can enjoy maximum flexibility when depositing using their credit card, debit card or e-wallets. In addition to real money currencies such as EUR, USD, NOK, CAD, etc., they also accept cryptocurrency, which is a great benefit for those who prefer to play casino games in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or DogeCoin.

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Winz Casino EU

Winz Casino

Winz ( is a popular online casino that accepts real money currencies, as well as provides a wide range of cryptocurrency options. You can not only play with bitcoins at Winz Casino, but you can also enjoy a variety of other benefits, such as fair slot game return to player (RTP), no wagering bonuses, fast and easy crypto withdrawals, and a high withdrawal limit of up to €400 000 per month, among others. Winz is available in four languages: English, Russian, French, and Turkish.

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Best Casino Games to Play for High Stakes

The following section lists online casino games with the highest betting limits and odds offered online. Thus, these games will be a perfect choice for those online gambling enthusiasts wishing to play at higher stakes than usual. Nonetheless, it is always wise to research these games to know what to expect and the best strategies for playing them at the higher stake levels.

Casino GameBet Limits in EURThe House Edge *
Baccarat1-50000Banker: 1.17% Player: 1.36% Tie: Tie: 14%
Blackjack1-1000004 decks: 0.60% ** 6 decks: 0.64% 8 decks: 0.66%
Roulette1-250000European: 2.7% American: 5.26%
Online Slots0.1-5001-16% ***
* The casino advantage. ** Blackjack House Edge depend on the software and the number of card decks used. *** Some online slots can run with an RTP of 84%, making the casino house edge 16%.

1. Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular land-based and online casino card game for offering a low house edge, making it a favourite among regular players and high rollers alike. There are usually six to eight decks of cards used, with three available bets when playing baccarat online: Player, Banker, and Tie. As a rule, the best high stakes casinos offer the following baccarat variations:

  • Punto Banco
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Chemin de Fer
  • Mini Baccarat
  • Baccarat Banque
  • European Baccarat

2. Blackjack

At online blackjack high stakes tables, it’s best to stick to Double Exposure Blackjack as it is one of the best blackjack variations that is considered to increase the chances of winning. Some other online variations of the blackjack game include:

  • Classic
  • Infinite
  • European
  • American
  • Free Bet
  • Party
  • Speed
  • VIP

3. Video Poker

Video poker is another game that delivers high-percentage winning chances to players that can play hands cleverly and with the right strategic approach. Many video poker variants allow the sort of jackpot bets that tend to appeal to big-staking players, with the odds for making the highest value hands set high enough that a sizeable bet placed at the right time will result in an enormous win.

4. Casino Poker

Alongside table card games such as blackjack and baccarat, there is a range of card games based on poker. These poker-based card games include Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker variants. You’ll find them in many casinos’ game libraries, which are well-known for their simplicity.

Although they are easy to play, that doesn’t mean you can’t place high-value bets when playing them, either. They’re perfect candidates for high-stakes players, given that if you play the hands with the correct strategies, you can vastly increase your winning chances. Playing a max bet on any hand at the right time can result in lucrative returns.

5. Craps

Although the maximum bet limits at Craps high stakes tables are smaller than at baccarat or blackjack; still, this dice game is a very fast-paced and exciting action experience. It’s mainly due to its reasonable house edge that players can accumulate consistent profits by placing higher bets — something that you won’t be able to do as easily with the game as with online slots.

The most widely played variation of craps is considered the standard bank craps. However, live dealer providers such as Evolution or Ezugi may offer some exclusives when you play real money craps online featuring live dealers.

6. Roulette

You’ll find better odds at online roulette high stakes tables when playing French or European roulette (37 numbers + green 0) as it has a much lower house advantage (2.70%) compared to American roulette, which is 5.25%. Below are your chances of winning when placing a bet on red/black, even/odd, and 18/36 on each of the 3 online roulette variants:

  • American Roulette: 46.37%
  • French Roulette: 48.6%
  • European Roulette: 48.6%

7. Online Slots

The max bet on European online slots often goes as high as 500 EUR per spin. However, these games are not recommended due to the Low Return to Player (RTP) of up to 16%. If you’re looking for casino games with better odds, try blackjack or baccarat. But for sheer gambling volatility that’s sought after by many of Europe’s high rollers, they can be the casino game of choice.

Many players around the world do love online video slot machines, especially for the progressive jackpots and occasionally for tournaments. So they do have a place in any list of casino games that anyone thinking ahead about restrictions on withdrawing might consider. You may well start your adventure on the machines with some free slot spins as a welcome bonus.

So, if you’re determined to play, the advice is to play slots with the highest RTP settings to ensure you have some more frequent wins from spins than playing those with the lowest. The best way to find out what RTP these money-spinning online machines are running is by visiting the game help file, usually located in one of the corners under the question mark link.

VIP Offers and Bonuses You Can Claim

All online casinos with high cashout limits (high roller casinos) offer VIP programs where loyal players receive real money cashback on losses, often wagering free, along with exclusive bonuses and offers. However, the downside is that if you want to be treated like a king or queen, you will need to wager a significant amount of money to meet the high roller’s criteria.

Best Payment Methods

The best payment method for high withdrawals is Visa bank cards, followed by e-wallets such as PayPal or Trustly open banking. These payment methods are the best choice because of their ease of use, security, and speed. It’s also worth mentioning Skrill, which has been a widely used e-wallet service among online casino players worldwide for years. However, they’ll charge fees for transferring funds from Skrill to your bank card, so we recommend only using free payment methods. Neteller is sometimes an alternative to consider, too.

Besides traditional online casino payment options like a straightforward bank transfer, crypto is one of the best methods for those looking for even greater flexibility when depositing funds into their online casino accounts. It provides an unparalleled level of convenience since it can be sent quickly through the Internet to anywhere in the world anonymously without worrying about banking fees or minimum deposit limits. Bitstarz, for instance, allows you to exchange Bitcoin for Euros or other supported currencies directly in your account and also offers an option to buy Bitcoin without leaving the casino.

FAQs, Answers and Tips

What is a European high roller casino?

Simply put, European high roller casinos cater to players that enjoy gambling online with large sums of money. These casino sites have very high or no withdrawal limits at all, so you can take your winnings out at any time. At the same time, if you win, they allow instant or speedy withdrawals, offering exclusive rewards programs and various top-quality games with high betting limits.

What is a high roller bonus?

A high roller bonus is a promotion where players are offered a higher deposit match bonus when they deposit at least 1000 EUR (or the equivalent in your currency). You’ll normally see this type of offer as a deposit bonus. Still, online casino operators will often give out exclusive reload bonuses to keep their most important VIP players happy.

What is a withdrawal limit?

A withdrawal limit is a monetary limit set by the casino to prevent large withdrawals from player accounts. Withdrawals in most casinos are limited to 5000 EUR per day, 10,000 EUR per week, and 15,000 EUR per month. For example, if you wanted to withdraw 100,000 EUR from your account all at once, most online casinos would reject it because they have daily/weekly/monthly limits in place. As a result, you would have to wait nearly six and a half months to receive your 100K winnings. Casinos with no withdrawal limits eliminate this disadvantage.

What are the benefits of playing at European high roller casinos?

The first major advantage is the high withdrawal limits, which are followed by special treatment and perks that are not available at regular European online casinos. You may, for example, benefit from faster withdrawal processing or limits, higher cashback offers than at other casinos, exclusive deposit and reload bonuses with low wagering requirements, and overall VIP status with enhanced benefits. Furthermore, these casinos typically have a larger selection of games with higher betting limits. 

What real money games are available?

High rollers or regular low to mid-stakes players alike have access to real money online slots, table games, and live dealer games at these types of instant payout casinos. The software that runs these games promises excellent graphics and unique features, replicating what you find in traditional casinos.

What deposit methods are the best for an instant withdrawal?

The best methods include credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) as well as e-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill. Bank transfers can also be used to deposit, but these usually take a lot longer to process. Some of the best online casinos pay up to 100,000 EUR in bitcoins within 30 minutes when you cash out using cryptocurrency, so this is also an option to consider.

How do I become a VIP player?

To become a VIP at an online high roller casino, you will need to meet the casino’s criteria for VIP membership. This usually requires you to gamble with high stakes by betting large sums of money. And once you get noticed by the casino management, you may be contacted and rewarded with a VIP/high roller status. In other words, the casino will offer exclusive bonuses and rewards that are unavailable to other players.

What should I look for when selecting the best European high roller casino?

The most important thing to look for when choosing the top EU high roller casino is a good selection of popular games with high RTP settings offered by the top providers in the industry that can be played with high stakes. In addition, it’s essential that the casino has a solid reputation and offers generous VIP rewards and bonuses. Lastly, make sure that the casino has high enough withdrawal limits so you can take your winnings out at any time.


First of all, you shouldn’t be playing high-stakes casino games if you’re not willing to take the risk. High stakes mean high risk and high reward, and if you can’t afford to lose a large amount of money fast, don’t bother trying out these games, as they are not for everyone!

Above all else, we recommend that you always do a bit of research on high-roller casinos to make sure that they’re fully licensed and regulated. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and secure environment where your winnings will be protected at all times.

It’s advisable to research the games you want to play in advance by reading reviews and checking out demo versions to make sure that you know how they work and what to expect. Furthermore, always remember to set a bankroll management budget for yourself before placing any high stakes bets online. If you ever become carried away, take a break instead of going all-in on a bad beat.

Most often, you’ll want any operator you choose to offer some form of high-value casino bonus that’ll put extra cash in your playing account on top of any deposit. You can visit our page on the best online casinos for bonuses to learn more about these types of promotions, but the thing to be aware of with bonus offers is the wagering requirements accompanying them.

These wagering requirements are essentially rules that determine how much you’d have to wager in bets before you can cash out any or all of your account balance. You can see that if those requirements are high, there’s a possibility you could get a large-sized win when playing with bonus cash.

However, even if the casino has no withdrawal limits, you will still not be able to withdraw money before risking losing it in further play. The excellent news for big-stakes players is that some casinos offer special high roller casino bonuses designed to cater for players that can afford to make deposits of large sums.

Lastly, make sure to check your casino’s terms and conditions before signing up so you know exactly how much money you can withdraw at any given time. Additionally, check with the cashier for any payout limits and follow the instructions to get your payment processed as soon as possible.