Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution Gaming Review (2022)

Evolution Gaming has developed a host of game show-inspired titles played against a wall-based interface. Monopoly: Big Baller is one of their latest titles to go live, and as its title suggests, it is heavily inspired by the world’s most famous board game.

The game has been developed as a crossbreed of Dream Catcher and Mega Ball. There is a bingo flavour to the game, which features an interactive Mr Monopoly, a riverboat design, and prizes worth up to 199x a bet.

Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution Gaming

How to Play

Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly: Big Baller is about as close to a bingo game as you will get from this developer. Before each game, there will be a timed betting window. In that time, you must decide how many of a potential four bingo cards you wish to play with, and you’ll also need to determine if you want to use “bonus cards”.

Cards can consist of Free Space or Chance cards. Free Space cards have a space in the middle of the grid, and this can be used like a wild that substitutes for any number you need it to be. By contrast, the Chance card has a guaranteed multiplier that can be added to any of the four lines if they should be completed. You aren’t tied to just one specific type, so since you can play with up to four cards, you can mix and match if you wish.

Each card is designed in a 5×5 grid and features twenty-five numbers. After choosing your stake and your type of cards, you need only wait for the betting window to close, and the game will begin.

The Object of the Game

As with any bingo game, you’re looking to complete lines here. The host will draw twenty balls from a machine that contains sixty. Completing lines will be easier with a Free Space card, but the Chance card multiplier cannot be sniffed at.

As the game is played, Mr Monopoly may appear on the screen. He will add random free spaces and multipliers to cards. It doesn’t matter which cards you have; you can benefit from both randomly triggered events. Mr Monopoly’s multipliers may span a single number, a line or even the entire card.

Symbols & Payouts

Pocketing wins with multipliers will boost what you can win. You’re guaranteed to win 2x your bet with any completed line, but line multipliers can rise from 20x to 50x. For a game with an RTP of 96.1%, that’s not too shabby at all. Standard multipliers on single numbers vary from 10x to 20x. If you land a multiplier on the entire card, it will be worth 2x or 3x.

These are, of course, on top of your basic line wins. If you want to win the big bucks, you need to trigger the bonus round. This requires 3 Roll and 5 Roll cards, so let’s look at those next.

Game Specific Features

The 3 Roll and 5 Roll Bonus cards help Monopoly: Big Baller stand out from its counterparts. You can purchase these cards at the beginning of the game, and they will have numbers on them, too. You want to cross off at least three or four of these numbers to activate the bonus round in the game. If you land both, you’ll get to play the bonus feature twice.

Monopoly: Big Baller Bonus Games

There is a bonus mode in this live dealer title. At the start, you can choose to play with bonus cards. These are known as the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls cards, and you can win them by landing three or four numbers, respectively.

Once this mode begins, you’ll be taken to a large, 3D-animated Monopoly board. Mr Monopoly will kick things off on the GO square. Two dice will be rolled, and you can move along the game board. If you won on the 3 Rolls Bonus card, then you’ll get three rolls of the dice, as opposed to the 5 Rolls Bonus card, which offered five rolls of the dice.

Rolling a double in this bonus mode will give you an extra roll, as you’d expect. As mentioned, you’ll get two cracks in this game if you win with both cards.

Squares can contain multipliers (added to your prizes), while the Chance and Community Chest spots offer prizes or hit you with mystery fees. There are things to dodge, too, with Income Tax spots hitting you with a 10% reduction in your winnings. You really want to avoid the Super Tax spot, which hits you up for a 20% reduction in winnings.

Going to jail will see you frozen until you roll a double (if you can). You’ll double your multipliers if you can make it around the board. Why bother playing with the costly bonus cards? Well, the prizes in this round can rise to 199:1 if you strike it lucky.

The feature ends when you run out of rolls.


There are definitely similarities with Monopoly: Dream Catcher here, not to mention Evolution’s other bingo-based game, Mega Ball. It isn’t until the bonus round that this game feels “Monopoly-like”. Prior to that, you’re looking at another live bingo game, albeit one inspired by the famous board game.

There’s big money to be won in the bonus round, but that requires you to take a risk on the 3 Roll and 5 Roll cards. Is that worth a punt? We think so, but we’ll leave the final verdict down to you.

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