Monopoly Big Baller Live – The Game & Best Casinos 2023

Evolution Gaming has developed a host of live casino game show inspired titles played against a wall-based interface. Monopoly: Big Baller is one of their latest live games, and as its title suggests, it’s heavily inspired by the world’s most famous board game.

The game has been developed as a crossbreed of Dream Catcher and Mega Ball. There is a bingo flavour to the game, which features an interactive Mr Monopoly, a riverboat design, and prizes worth up to 199x a bet.

Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution Gaming

How to Play

Monopoly: Big Baller, developed by Evolution Gaming, is a game that closely resembles bingo. Before each round, players are given a designated time frame to place their bets. During this window, players must decide on the number of bingo cards they wish to play with, ranging from one to four, and determine if they wish to utilize “bonus cards.”

Cards can be comprised of either Free Space or Chance cards. Free Space cards feature a blank space in the centre of the grid, which can be used as a wild card and substituted for any number. Conversely, Chance cards offer a guaranteed multiplier that can be applied to any four lines if completed. Players are not limited to a specific type of card and have the option to mix and match up to four cards.

Each card is presented in a 5×5 grid format and includes twenty-five numbers. After selecting the desired stake and card types, players only need to wait for the betting window to close before the game begins.


As with any bingo game, the objective of Monopoly: Big Baller is to complete lines by matching the numbers called by the host. The host will draw twenty balls from a machine containing sixty. Having a Free Space card will make completing lines easier, but the potential payout from the Chance card’s multiplier should not be overlooked.

Special Features

During gameplay, Mr. Monopoly may appear on the screen, adding random free spaces and multipliers to cards regardless of which cards a player holds. Mr. Monopoly’s multipliers can apply to a single number, a line, or even the entire card.

Symbols and Payouts

Winning with multipliers can greatly increase potential payouts. A completed line guarantees a 2x payout on the player’s bet, with line multipliers ranging from 20x to 50x. The game boasts an RTP of 96.1%. Standard multipliers on single numbers range from 10x to 20x, and a multiplier on the entire card is worth 2x or 3x.

In addition to basic line wins, the bonus round offers the potential for significant payouts. The bonus round is triggered by crossing off at least three or four numbers on the 3 Roll and 5 Roll Bonus cards, which can be purchased at the start of the game. Landing both cards allows for two rounds of the bonus feature.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is an animated 3D version of the Monopoly board, with Mr. Monopoly starting on the GO square. Players roll two dice and move along the board, with three rolls for the 3 Roll card and five rolls for the 5 Roll card. Rolling a double grants an extra roll and multipliers are doubled if a player completes the full circuit of the board. The bonus round offers potential payouts of up to 199:1.

Squares on the board can contain multipliers, while Chance and Community Chest spots offer prizes or impose fees. Income Tax spots impose a 10% reduction in winnings, and Super Tax spots impose a 20% reduction. Landing on the “Go to Jail” square will freeze the player’s progress until they roll a double. The bonus round ends when a player runs out of rolls.

Where to Play Monopoly Big Baller Live?

Monopoly Big Baller is readily available at any of the top European live online casinos. To begin playing right now, you may visit one of the following options:


Monopoly: Big Baller shares similarities with Evolution’s other bingo-based games, Monopoly: Dream Catcher and Mega Ball. The bonus round is where the game truly feels “Monopoly-like”, offering the potential for significant payouts. However, these payouts are only attainable by taking the risk of purchasing the costly 3 Roll and 5 Roll cards. The decision to do so is ultimately up to the player.

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