Online Keno: Top Games & Casino Picks

Keno at online casinos is an RNG-powered guessing game, often referred to as a ‘keno online slot’ and ‘video Keno’. In this game, players predict numbers on an 80-ball grid. The gameplay is adorned with varied themes, ranging from confectionery delights to ancient mysteries, unique features, and RTP percentages.

Learn more about the Keno game, discover popular titles and find the best casino to play for real money or try free.

How to Play Online Casino Keno

Online casino Keno—a quick-to-play, lottery and slot-style game—has simple rules. Here’s a quick-start guide to mastering the game:

  • Examine the Keno Board:

    In online Keno, you’ll see a digital board featuring numbers from 1 to 80. It’s on this grid—often designed in a visually appealing theme—that you’ll make your predictions.

  • Select Your Numbers:

    Your first step in Keno is to pick your lucky numbers. Usually, you can choose up to 10 numbers, but this can vary depending on the game version and its software provider. Just click on your preferred numbers on the board to select them—each is a potential key to unlocking a win.

  • Decide Your Stake:

    After selecting your numbers, determine how much you’re willing to wager on the game round. Online Keno games usually offer a wide betting range—let’s say from a minimum of €0.1 to a maximum of €20—catering to both cautious players and high-rollers.

  • Start the Draw:

    Once you’ve decided on your numbers and bet size, hit the “play” button! In online Keno, the game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to randomly draw 20 numbers. Each number drawn lights up or is marked in some way on the digital Keno board.

  • Compare and Win:

    After the draw, compare your chosen numbers with the ones randomly drawn. The more numbers you correctly predict, the higher your winnings. Payouts depend on several factors—namely, the amount you’ve wagered, the number of correct guesses, and the game’s paytable, which outlines potential winnings.

  • Understand Game Variance and RTP:

    Online Keno games can vary in volatility or variance—from low, medium, to high—indicating the level of risk associated with the game. A high-variance game might offer less frequent wins but larger payouts when they occur. In contrast, a low-variance game might provide smaller, more frequent wins.

    Besides, keep an eye on the game’s Return to Player (RTP)—a percentage indicating the long-term expected payback of the game. The higher the RTP, the more any online casino game tends to return to players over an extended playtime.

Popular Online Casino Keno Games

Below you’ll find a Keno games selection that you can play for real money or try free at European casinos online. From sweet treats to Egyptian mysteries, each game offers unique themes and various features that promise a great gaming experience.

The Candy Keno by Mascot Gaming

First up is Mascot Gaming’s delectable take on Keno—The Candy Keno. An aptly sugary spin on the lottery-slot-style Keno game, this delightful version comes with a sweet theme that makes your gameplay experience all the more fun. The fundamentals are rooted in the traditional Keno game—you can choose up to 10 numbers, and your task is to predict the numbers that will be drawn randomly.

Greater the numbers you correctly guess, the bigger your winnings.

Candy Keno
Candy Keno by Mascot Gaming

Spicing up the game is a feature—The “Bonus Balls”. This feature gives you the opportunity to buy up to 5 extra balls, increasing your winning odds (see image above). Though it’s optional, it brings an additional strategic edge layer to the game. With high volatility, the game might not offer wins frequently, but when they do, expect them to be substantial.

The Return to Player (RTP) stands at 95.15% and a hit rate of 17.5% signals the frequency of winnings. The Candy Keno was released on January 13, 2023, and being HTML-based, it’s playable on multiple devices.

Spribe Keno

Keno by Spribe is a straightforward online casino game, where a player selects up to 10 numbers on a 6×6 grid from a pool of 36. A jackpot of 100x is won if all 10 numbers match.

Spribe Keno
Spribe Keno

The game includes an autoplay and a random number selection feature for setting game preferences. Designed for optimal performance on desktop, tablet, and mobile, it caters to low bandwidth environments and includes social features like a chat and live bets module. Spribe’s Keno runs at a 97% RTP and is Provably Fair.

Keno by Play’n GO

Play’n GO’s Keno is a fixed-odds game built around an 80-number grid. Like Mascot Gaming’s Keno, your objective is to correctly guess the numbers that will be drawn. In each round, 20 numbers are randomly picked.

Keno Play'n GO
Keno by Play’n GO

Your aim is to accurately select between 2 to 10 numbers that match the drawn ones. The more numbers you get right, the higher your winnings. Play’n GO’s Keno is a fixed-odds game where the odds remain set and unchanged, irrespective of the number of players or rounds.

Book of Keno by EvoPlay

Book of Keno is an online casino Keno game developed by EvoPlay. Set in the mystical ambience of ancient Egypt, EvoPlay’s Book of Keno is an adventurous guessing game.

Book of Keno
Book of Keno by EvoPlay

Players aim to unravel the secrets hidden in the ancient relic, the Book of Keno, by correctly selecting one of the ten displayed numbers. It’s not just about winning money, but also about uncovering the mysteries of an ancient civilization. With an RTP between 95.92-96.11% and a max win of €7500, it offers considerable potential.

Amaterasu Keno by Mascot Gaming

Inspired by the Japanese goddess of the sun, Amaterasu Ōmikami, Mascot Gaming’s Amaterasu Keno offers a unique spin on the traditional Keno game.

Amaterasu Keno
Amaterasu Keno by Mascot Gaming

The game operates on standard Keno rules with two special features—”Lucky Number” and “Free Games”—that elevate the gameplay and increase winning potential. In the “Lucky Number” feature, the game randomly selects three numbers. If these numbers are part of the player’s selection and they get drawn, the player’s total winnings get multiplied by up to 10 times.

Released on February 17, 2022, with an RTP of 95.7% and a hit rate of 16.3%, this multilingual online casino game caters to a wide player base.

Firefly Keno by 1X2 Gaming

1X2 Gaming’s Firefly Keno—an enchanting 80-ball Keno game with 92.84% RTP—offers potential wins up to €10,000.

Firefly Keno
Firefly Keno by 1X2 Gaming

Centered around fireflies, which rise from the bottom of the display and land on the numbers chosen by the Random Number Generator (RNG), Firefly Keno is a medium variance game—meaning it offers a balanced mix of risk and reward.

The betting range per game is from a minimum of €0.1 to a maximum of €20.

Jungle Keno by Caleta Gaming

Jungle Keno by Caleta Gaming takes you on a vibrant, jungle-themed adventure.

Jungle Keno
Jungle Keno by Caleta Gaming

Released on August 21, 2020, this game is high volatility lottery-like and stands out with its special bonus feature, the “Jungle Wheel Bonus”. With an optimal RTP of 95.00%, it also includes a “Fast Pick” feature for faster gameplay and supports multiple European languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Keno by BC.Game

Keno by BC.Game is a modern online casino keno game with an RTP of 99%, indicating a high probability of winnings. Their game offers an auto mode, and the maximum win is a hefty 1,000 times the original bet.

BC.Game Keno
BC.Game Keno

Furthermore, BC.Game’s Keno is also a Provably Fair game. This means that the game’s outcomes are transparent and verifiable. The results are calculated using cryptographic algorithms, specifically HMAC_SHA256, which generates a hash value from a combination of a client seed, nonce, and server seed. This process means that neither the player nor the BC.Game casino can predict or manipulate the outcome.

Top Casinos to Play Keno Games Online

Popular Keno games such as The Candy Keno by Mascot Gaming, Book of Keno by Evoplay, Firefly, and others can be played at top online casinos across Europe. For the exclusive Keno offering by BC.Game, a visit to the BC.Game casino is required as this game is uniquely available only there. See it listed below.

Bitstarz award winning EU casino

BitStarz Casino

  • Max €100 bonus + 180 Spins
  • 40x bonus wagering
  • €20 deposit minimum
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Est. payouts within 10 min
  • 5,220+ casino games
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  • 24/7 live chat, email support
  • Curaçao licensed (8048/JAZ)
  • Established in 2014
  • Rating: 4.8/5 - Read Review

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Winz Casino EU

Winz Casino

  • One 'Wheel of Winz' spin
  • No wagering needed
  • €20 deposit minimum
  • €400,000 m/withdrawal limit
  • Est. payouts within 1h
  • 5000+ casino games
  • 100+ game providers
  • Euro, USD, crypto accepted
  • 24/7 live chat, email support
  • Curaçao licensed (8048/JAZ)
  • Established in 2019
  • Rating: 4.8/5 - Read Review

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BC.Game Casino

BC.Game Casino

  • A 150% 1st deposit bonus
  • Wager * House Edge * 20%
  • Min. deposit depends on currency
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Est. payouts within 10 min
  • 8000+ casino games
  • 100+ game providers
  • Euro, USD, crypto accepted
  • 24/7 live chat, email support
  • Curaçao licensed (5536/JAZ)
  • Established in 2017
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Online Keno FAQs Answered

What are the most popular Keno games available at EU casinos?
The most popular Keno games at EU casinos include “The Candy Keno by Mascot Gaming”, “Book of Keno by Evoplay”, and “Firefly Keno by 1X2 Gaming”.
How to learn the rules and gameplay strategies for online Keno?
Learning the rules and strategies of online Keno is as simple as visiting the game rules or help section available in each game. There are also numerous online resources and tutorials that explain the basics and advanced strategies of Keno.
Which EU casinos offer the highest Return To Player (RTP) on Keno games?
The casinos with the highest RTP for Keno games include BitStarz Casino and Winz Casino EU. They offer Keno games with an RTP often exceeding 96%.
Are there any exclusive Keno games offered by casinos in Europe?
Yes, there are unique Keno games at European casinos. For instance, BC.Game Casino has an exclusive Keno game that isn’t available elsewhere. Similarly, Stake Casino and Vave Casino each respectively offer Stake Keno and Vave Keno.
Can I try out Keno for free at any online casinos before gambling real money?
Absolutely! All the EU online casinos listed here allow you to try Keno games for free before betting with real money. This way, you can decide whether or not to play the game for real.
How regulated are the Keno games in EU casinos to ensure fair play?
Keno games at EU casinos are highly regulated. Their software providers, such as Play’n GO, Mascot, and Evoplay, use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure fair play. And these are regularly tested by independent authorities such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs.
What are the typical betting limits for Keno games at these casinos?
Betting limits for Keno games vary, but generally, you can start betting from as low as €0.1 to as high as €20 per game or even more.
Is online Keno a slot machine game?
Even though both Keno and slot games in online casinos are chance-based games built around the concept of Random Number Generation, they are generally categorized as different types of casino games due to differences in gameplay.
In the online casino Keno, you pick numbers and click “Play” to start the draw, placing a bet on your chosen numbers being selected. This can be compared to a slot game, where you place a bet, and then the game’s RNG determines the outcome of your spin. So, in essence, while the core mechanics of chance and betting are similar, the presentation and player interaction differ.
Are there any bonuses for Keno games at these casinos?
Yes, all reputable online casinos offer welcome bonuses, and Keno is usually included in the list of games you can play using these bonuses.
What strategies can help improve my winning odds in online Keno games?
Strategies to improve your odds in Keno games include choosing fewer numbers, opting for consecutive numbers, and playing at online casinos that offer the best RTP.

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