Funky Time: Player Guide & Top Casinos

In this guide, we dissect the Funky Time gameplay mechanics, scrutinize all four bonus features, provide insights to optimize your chances of winning, and share a selection of EU casinos where you can play Funky Time with real money or crypto deposits.

What Funky Time is About

Objective: Predict the segment where the wheel will stop.

Funky Time is a live casino game show game presented by Evolution Gaming in May 2023. It serves as the successor to the popular ‘Crazy Time.’ This game transports players to the disco heydays, complete with retro visuals and a live game host who epitomizes the 70s and 80s vibe.

The core Funky Time gameplay revolves around a large spinning 64-segment money wheel designed by Evolution Gaming’s DigiWheel. Players can place bets on one or multiple segments, and if the wheel stops on a chosen segment, they win.

The Funky Time game also features four Bonus game rounds—Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco—each with its own set of rules and guaranteed multipliers.

One of Funky Time’s distinctive features is its real-time interaction. You’re not merely watching the action unfold—you’re an active participant. The game allows you to converse with the host and fellow players, inquire about game strategies, and even receive real-time advice.

For those looking to join the fun, please note that the game is currently available exclusively in English.

The Funky Time Wheel Segments

The 64-segment Funky Time wheel is divided into 28 number segments, 24 letter segments, and 12 bonus round segments.

The Funky Time wheel with winning segments

Each type of segment offers different payouts—numbers pay 1–50:1, letters pay 25–1250:1, and the bonus rounds… well, they’re a league of their own. See the details table below.

Betting Range, Multipliers, and Payouts

Before each spin, multipliers ranging from 2x to 50x are randomly RNG generated and assigned to segments. Landing on a segment with a multiplier can significantly boost your payouts.

Funky Time offers an RTP ranging from 95.38% to 95.99%, with a maximum payout of €500,000. Betting sizes also vary, stretching from €0.10 to €5,000.

Bet SpotTop PayoutRTPProbabilitySegments
Number 11–50:195.99%43.75%28
Letter (P, L, A, Y, F, U, N, K, T, I, M, E)25–1250:195.49%37.5%24
Staying Alive10,000x95.49%3.125%2
VIP Disco10,000x95.38%1.5625%1

Note: In Funky Time the wish to bet on every segment is strong, but a more strategic approach can yield better results. Concentrate on the bonus rounds and be selective when wagering on particular letters and numbers.

Funky Time Betting Options
Funky Time Betting Options

The game plan here is to consistently accumulate smaller wins, rather than swinging for the fences with every bet. This methodical approach can extend your gameplay and increase your real money wins in this live casino game show.

Funky Time Bonus Features

The core gameplay of Funky Time—developed by Evolution Gaming—offers more than just a spin of the wheel. What elevates the experience are the four bonus rounds.

Far from being mere decorative elements, these bonus features serve as strategic components that can notably influence your payouts, whether in fiat or cryptocurrency, depending on the European casino website you’re playing at.

Disco Bonus: A Calculated Dance for Multipliers

The Disco Bonus isn’t merely a visual treat—it’s a strategic bonus game within Funky Time designed to amplify your multipliers. As you join Mr. Funky on a 37-square dance floor, you’ll collect multipliers that directly influence your total game score.

Funky Time Disco Bonus Feature
Funky Time Disco Bonus Feature

The game presenter initiates a mini-wheel spin to determine Mr. Funky’s next dance move—be it up, down, left, or right—injecting a layer of unpredictability. The multipliers up for grabs range from 1x to 100x, with lower values centralized on the dance floor and those nearing 100x closer to the edges.

These multipliers are cumulative, so if you collect a 1x and a 20x, your bet total multiplier jumps to 21x.

VIP Disco Bonus: The Apex of Multiplier Rewards

The VIP Disco Bonus isn’t just another wheel segment—it’s the crown jewel of what Funky Time has to offer. This elevated version of the Disco Bonus unfolds on a more expansive 63-square dance floor and boasts even heftier multipliers, scaling up to 500x.

Funky Time VIP Disco Bonus Feature
Funky Time VIP Disco Bonus Feature

But it’s not just the dance floor’s size that sets it apart—it’s the magnitude of the rewards.

If a segment multiplier is in play when you land on this bonus, your collected multipliers receive an extra bump before Mr. Funky even starts his dance routine.

Capped at 10,000x multiplier, the VIP Disco Bonus is the Holy Grail for players aiming for transformative payouts.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus: Bingo with a Modern Spin

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus redefines the bingo game by offering dynamic, player-centric gameplay. In this bonus round, you’re greeted with a ball-drawing machine featuring 90 balls and a tiered-level multiplier pay table. Your objective? Ascend that table to amplify your winnings.

Funky Time Stayin Alive Bonus
Funky Time Stayin Alive Bonus

The multiplier pay table is far from fixed. Starting at a modest 5x, it can go up to 1000x (see the levels below). Plus, if a multiplier is activated during the main game spin, those levels can receive a substantial increase—though capped at a 10,000x multiplier.

Level Multiplier:

  • 20 – 1000x
  • 19 – 800x
  • 18 – 700x
  • 17 – 600x
  • 16 – 500x
  • 15 – 300x
  • 14 – 250x
  • 13 – 200x
  • 12 – 150x
  • 11 – 100x
  • 10 – 70x
  • 9 – 60x
  • 8 – 50x
  • 7 – 40x
  • 6 – 30x
  • 5 – 25x
  • 4 – 20x
  • 3 – 15x
  • 2 – 10x
  • 1 – 5x

The Stayin’ Alive game kicks off with four lives, and you’re faced with a pivotal decision at the start. You select one of three differently colored balls (pink, green, orange).

This isn’t just for show; it directly influences your ascent on the multiplier table.

Each color features either a “1” or “2” drawn on it. If a “1” appears, you’re propelled one level higher on the multiplier table. Should a “2” appear, you’re catapulted two levels up—bringing you nearer to those sought-after higher multipliers.

There’s also a black ball in the mix. If this ball is drawn, you lose one of your four lives, but your current multiplier level stays the same. If a ball of a color other than your chosen one is drawn, you remain in the game, and your multiplier level stays unchanged.

BAR Bonus: Choose Your Multiplier Wisely

In the BAR Bonus of Funky Time, you’re doing more than just picking a drink—you’re actually selecting a multiplier that can increase your real money wins.

This feature is a two-step dance. First, a robot-looking bartender pours drinks into three glasses, each laced with an initial multiplier that varies between 2x and 20x. But hold on—there’s a second act.

Funky Time Bar Bonus Feature
Funky Time Bar Bonus Feature

One of these glasses gets an extra zing, a multiplier that ranges from 2x to 5x. This topping then works its magic on the initial multiplier, potentially catapulting your total multiplier to new heights.

For example, if you land a 5x initial multiplier and it’s jazzed up with a 5x, you’re staring at a 25x total multiplier.

Note: While it’s tempting to think that big wins are frequent, it’s worth noting that hitting those bonus segments isn’t a common occurrence. For a better understanding of the game bonuses, you can watch Funky Time Live videos on YouTube. Keep in mind that these content creators often showcase their top wins only.

Still, these videos can offer you valuable insights into the game’s dynamics.

Winning Strategies in Funky Time

Success in Funky Time isn’t just a matter of luck. There’s room for a strategy to maximize your winning potential. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or new to the world of live casino game shows, understanding the game’s intricacies can give you a slight edge.

Bankroll Management: The Long Game

Managing your bankroll is more than just a good practice—it’s a cornerstone of your Funky Time strategy. Setting a budget and sticking to it not only keeps you in the game longer but also increases your chances of landing those coveted bonus rounds with multipliers.

Align your bets with your budget and risk tolerance to make the most out of your gameplay.

RTP and Land Probability

The RTP (Return to Player) and land probability for each bet spot can guide your betting strategy. For instance, the ‘Number 1’ bet spot has the highest RTP at 95.99% and a land probability of 43.75%, making it a solid choice for consistent, albeit smaller, wins.

On the other hand, the ‘BAR’ segments offer a slightly lower RTP of 95.98% but come with a higher potential payout, making them worth considering if you’re willing to take a bit more risk.

Bonus Round Probabilities

Funky Time is relatively rich in bonus rounds, each with its own set of odds and RTP. The ‘BAR Bonus’ is a safer bet with a 95.98% RTP, ideal for those looking to extend their gameplay. However, multipliers in this round are generally lower in value compared to other bonuses.

The ‘VIP Disco Bonus’, while rare, can yield massive payouts due to its multipliers and has an RTP of 95.38%. Your approach to these bonuses should align with your current bankroll and risk appetite.

Segment Betting: Diversify or Specialize?

When it comes to wheel segments, you have two main strategies. Diversify your bets across multiple outcomes or specialize by focusing on specific high-reward segments. Diversification can act as a safety net but limits your winning potential.

Specializing is riskier but can result in substantial rewards if you hit the right segment.

Real-Time Interaction: More Than Just Socializing

The live interaction feature in Funky Time isn’t only for socializing. Hosts often share useful tips, and observing other players can provide insights into what strategies might be effective. It’s like having a real dealer and a community of players to help you refine your strategy.

By integrating these elements—RTP, land probability, and bonus round odds—you can formulate a more informed and effective Funky Time strategy. Remember, however, that while strategies can optimize your chances, the game is still rooted in chance.

Funky Time Game User Experience

When it comes to Funky Time Casino, the user experience goes beyond just the mechanics of gambling and winning real money—it’s about crafting an environment that grabs your attention the moment you log in. Let’s break down the elements that make this live casino game show a standout.

Visual Aesthetics: A Cohesive 70s Theme

The visual design of Funky Time isn’t just for show—it elevates your entire gaming session. The 70s disco theme runs consistently from the backdrop to the game elements, creating a unified visual story. This meticulous design adds an extra layer of immersion, making you feel like you’re part of a lively, dynamic world.

Audio Experience: More Than Just Background Music

The audio components in Funky Time are strategically chosen to align with the visual disco theme. From the background music to the sound effects that accompany each spin and win, the audio enhances the emotional resonance of the game. It’s not just about listening—it’s about feeling the rhythm of the game.

Interface Design: User-Centric Approach

Funky Time’s interface is crafted for user convenience. All vital elements—like betting options and game rules—are within easy reach. The layout is intuitive, so even if you’re new to live casino games or Evolution gaming, you’ll find your way around effortlessly.

Mobile Compatibility: Play Anywhere, Anytime

In an era where mobile gaming is the norm, Funky Time doesn’t disappoint. The game is optimized for mobile play, ensuring a fulfilling experience whether you’re on a desktop or smartphone. The Funky Time mobile version retains all desktop features, so you won’t miss out on any aspect of the game.

Live Interaction: Elevate Your Social Game

Funky Time pushes the boundaries of live casino gaming by enabling real-time interaction between players and the host. This social layer transforms the game from a solitary pastime into a communal experience. The chat feature allows for real-time tips, questions, and even some friendly banter—adding a layer of engagement often absent in online casino games.

Performance and Reliability: No Room for Error

Technical glitches or slow load times can be a buzzkill. Funky Time runs on Evolution Gaming’s robust technical framework, ensuring smooth gameplay, quick load times, and reliable performance.

By incorporating elements like a 70s theme, real money betting options, and live interaction with a real dealer, Funky Time offers a well-rounded user experience that stands out in the section of online casino game shows. Whether you’re into roulette, blackjack, or slots, this game offers a unique combination of features that cater to all kinds of casino game enthusiasts.

VIP Disco vs. European Roulette Straight-up

When it comes to live casino games, choices abound, but how do you decide which game aligns with your playing style and objectives? That’s where a side-by-side comparison comes in handy, especially if you’re after the most rewarding live casino game elements.

In Funky Time, the top bonus ‘VIP Disco’ segment appears only once on a wheel with 64 total segments. Therefore, the probability of landing on ‘VIP Disco’ is 1 in 64, or approximately 1.5625%.

In European Roulette, a straight-up bet on a single number has a probability of 1 in 37, or approximately 2.7027%, as there are 37 pockets (numbers 0 to 36) on the wheel.

To compare the two:

  • The ‘VIP Disco’ segment in Funky Time has a 1.5625% chance of landing;
  • A straight-up bet in European Roulette has a 2.7027% chance of landing.

So, the ‘VIP Disco’ segment is less likely to land compared to a straight-up bet in European Roulette. This makes the ‘VIP Disco’ a rarer event but potentially more rewarding if it does land due to added multipliers.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

As we conclude this guide, it’s evident that Funky Time isn’t merely another title in Europe’s live casino game section. It serves as a transformative force that elevates the standards of online gaming. Funky Time successfully captures the essence of gambling, while incorporating layers of interactivity only possible in a digital environment.

A Balanced Fusion of Game Elements

What distinguishes Funky Time is its knack for blending various game components—such as strategy, chance, and entertainment—into a unified package. It’s more than just a game; it’s a well-designed live casino experience that respects its players’ intelligence by offering multiple engagement layers.

The strategic depth in its bonus rounds and the social elements in its live features make Funky Time a model of what can be achieved with holistic game design.

Versatile Gameplay for Diverse Players

Funky Time accommodates a wide spectrum of players with its bet size range, spanning from €0.10 to a hefty €5,000.

The game’s flexible design is inviting to players across all skill levels, while its nuanced features ensure that even the most seasoned gamers will discover elements that pique their interest.

How does the gameplay stack up? It leans more towards a relaxed pace—akin to a mid-volatility online slot machine with the overall winnings usually on the modest side.

Funky Times FAQs

What is Funky Time and Who’s Made It?
Funky Time is a live casino game show rolled out by Evolution Gaming in May 2023. This game serves as the next chapter following the well-received ‘Crazy Time.’ It transports players to the disco era, offering a blend of nostalgia and modern gaming.
How Does the Funky Time Money Wheel Work?
At the heart of the Funky Time game is a 64-segment money wheel, masterfully crafted by DigiWheel. Players have the option to wager on any segment. Should the wheel halt on a segment you’ve bet on, you’re a winner. The wheel is divided into segments that include numbers, letters, and bonus rounds—each with its own set of payouts.
What Bonus Rounds Does Funky Time Offer?
Funky Time is enriched with four distinct bonus rounds: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. These rounds come with individual rules and multipliers, injecting a tactical element into the game.
How Does the Stayin’ Alive Bonus Function?
In the Stayin’ Alive bonus, you encounter a bingo ball-drawing mechanism filled with 90 balls and a tiered multiplier chart. You kick off with four lives and must pick one out of three colored balls. Your initial choice influences your ascent on the multiplier chart.
What’s the VIP Disco Bonus About?
The VIP Disco Bonus is an enhanced variant of the regular Disco Bonus. It showcases a 63-square dance floor and elevated multipliers of up to 500x. If a segment multiplier is engaged when you hit this bonus, your accumulated multipliers get an added lift.
How Does the BAR Bonus Operate?
During the BAR Bonus, you’re tasked with choosing a drink, each accompanied by an initial multiplier. One of these multipliers is randomly selected for an extra bump, potentially amplifying your bet with a higher multiplier.
What’s the Betting Scope and RTP in Funky Time?
Funky Time accommodates a wide range of bets, from as low as €0.10 to a ceiling of €5,000. The Return to Player (RTP) fluctuates between 95.38% and 95.99%, contingent on the segment you’ve wagered on.
Is Funky Time Compatible with Mobile Devices?
Yes, Funky Time is fine-tuned for mobile gameplay. It ensures a smooth user experience, irrespective of whether you’re using a desktop or an Android or Apple smartphone.