Crazy Coin Flip: 2024 Player Guide

Crazy Coin Flip is an innovative live game show powered by Evolution Gaming. The game is a hybrid of a live slot combined with an entertaining Coin Flip Bonus round similar to the one in Crazy Time.

Crazy Coin Flip Live features three game rounds. The first and second phases are live slots, followed by the Coin Flip Live bonus. The latter is the cherry on top and the most enjoyable phase of the game.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Game by Evolution Gaming

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip Live

Crazy Coin Flip Live is segmented into three phases—each with its unique flair. The initial rounds serve as a stepping stone, where you accumulate Scatter symbols and Win Multipliers, gearing up for the grand finale. Here’s a closer look at the gameplay structure.

Qualifying Slot

This initial stage is your gateway into the game. The objective is straightforward: collect three Scatters to unlock the Live Coin Flip bonus round. The game features a standard 5×3 slot layout with 10 unchangeable paylines. You can start betting with as low as €0.10, while the ceiling is at €50.00.

Expect symbols ranging from Ace to 10, along with cherries and bells. The bell symbol is your highest payer, offering 5x, 10x, and 20x your bet for combinations of three, four, or five.

As for other symbols, they range between 0.2x and 12x your bet, depending on the specific combination. In comes the Crazy Coin Flip Scatter—exclusive to the game’s middle rows and sometimes accompanied by random multipliers up to 10x.

Landing three gets you a straight pass to the Live Coin Flip. Feel like speeding things up? Activate the XXXtreme Feature. This offers two options:

  • XXXtreme Spins: Guarantee at least one Scatter and additional multipliers for 5x your bet
  • Super XXXtreme Spins: Ensure at least two Scatters and even more multipliers for 50x your bet.

The accumulated Scatter multipliers follow you into the final stage.

Multiplier Top-Up Slot

This mid-game round helps you stock up on multipliers before the anticipated live coin flip. A 3×3 slot layout is in play, featuring only a single payline. The betting range remains consistent at €0.10 to €50.00.

Here, the game introduces Red and Blue Multiplier Coins. Your goal: land three coins of identical color in the middle row. Once achieved, these multiplier values accumulate and fill the Blue and Red meters at the screen’s top.

This phase wraps up when the bottom timer runs out. Yet, you’re free to continue, adding more multipliers to enhance your final round odds.

Live Coin Flip Bonus Round

Here lies the game’s pinnacle—a real money stake in a genuinely unpredictable outcome. A live host takes the center stage, performing the anticipated coin flip using a specialized machine.

First up, the host generates a bonus multiplier, randomized between values of 5x and 100x. This bonus multiplier couples with the Red and Blue multipliers you’ve earned so far.

Then, the coin is flipped. If it lands on Blue for instance, your total bet from the qualifying slot round gets multiplied by the Blue multiplier to determine your winnings—and the same applies for the Red side.

The stakes? You can score up to 2000x your initial bet.

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Crazy Coin Flip FAQs

What is Crazy Coin Flip Live?
Crazy Coin Flip is a live game show developed by Evolution Gaming. It’s a unique blend of live slot action and a Coin Flip Bonus round. The game consists of three distinct phases: two live slot rounds and a final Coin Flip Live bonus round.
How Do You Play Crazy Coin Flip?
The game is divided into three phases. The first phase is the Qualifying Slot, where you aim to collect three Scatter symbols to unlock the Live Coin Flip bonus. The second phase is the Multiplier Top-Up Slot, where you gather multipliers that will be used in the final round. The third and final phase is the Live Coin Flip Bonus Round, where a live host flips a coin to determine your winnings.
What Are the Betting Limits?
You can start betting with as low as €0.10, and the maximum limit is €50.00. These limits apply to all three phases of the game.
What Symbols Should I Look Out For?
In the Qualifying Slot, you’ll encounter symbols ranging from Ace to 10, cherries, and bells. The bell symbol offers the highest payout, while the Crazy Coin Flip Scatter symbol is your ticket to the Live Coin Flip bonus round.
What is the XXXtreme Feature?
The XXXtreme Feature is an optional part of the game that allows you to increase your chances of landing Scatter symbols and multipliers. There are two options: XXXtreme Spins and Super XXXtreme Spins, costing 5x and 50x your bet, respectively.
How Do Multipliers Work?
In the Multiplier Top-Up Slot, you’ll see Red and Blue Multiplier Coins. Landing three coins of the same color in the middle row accumulates these multipliers, which will be used in the final Live Coin Flip Bonus Round.
What is the RTP of Crazy Coin Flip?
The Return to Player (RTP) varies between 95.05% and 96.05% in the qualifying phase, depending on the game mode you choose. The RTP for the final round is 96.06%.
Can I Play Crazy Coin Flip Live on Mobile?
Yes, the game is fully optimized for mobile play and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You don’t need to download any software; the game runs smoothly in your mobile browser.
Are There Any Free Spins or Side Bets?
No, the game doesn’t offer any Free Spins or side bets. The main focus is on the Live Coin Flip Bonus Round.
Where Can I Play Crazy Coin Flip Live?
You can enjoy this live show game at European online casinos that feature Evolution Gaming in their Live Casino sections.