Crash: Top Games & Casino Picks

Unlike video slots, Crash gambling games combine the tactical decision-making found in high-stakes poker with the unpredictability of a roulette ball drop, all centered on a critical timing element.

  • Playing Principles: In Crash games, players—using real money or cryptocurrency—bet on increasing multipliers and must decide the optimal moment to cash out before the game Crashes.
  • What to Know: This relatively new gambling game in online casinos introduces a nerve-wracking experience where cashing out early risks missing big multipliers but waiting too long risks losing everything.
  • Tip: When choosing a Crash game for you, consider the RTP, the closer the number is to 100%, the more favorable the game’s odds are likely to be for the player. The best you’ll find here is 99% RTP at BC.Game Casino.
  • Where to Play: We recommend online casinos like Bitstarz,, or BC.Game. They provide the fastest payouts, high withdrawal limits, and most of the top-rated Crash games you can find today.

List of Popular Crash Gambling Games

This list includes some of the most popular Crash games that have set new trends in gaming offerings at today’s online casinos. Similar to slots, European roulette, and blackjack, you can play them with EUR, USD, and cryptocurrency deposits. In addition to these, you’ll find a selection of top Crash gambling games based on their Return to Player (RTP) rates, such as 99%.

Aviator Crash Game by Spribe

Spribe’s Aviator is a multiplayer Crash game that offers players the chance to win with multipliers up to 100x their stake. The game is simple—players place bets and must cash out before the airplane crashes.

Aviator Crash Game by Spribe

Aviator includes a live chat feature for player interaction and uses provably fair technology to show transparency and fairness. The game offers a fun mode for practice, with additional features such as in-game chat, live bets, statistics, and bonuses including Rain and Free Bets.

It has a 97% Return to Player (RTP) rate and medium volatility, providing a balanced gaming experience. Aviator is available on both PC and mobile devices, accommodating real money and cryptocurrency transactions.

Limbo, and Crash by BC.Game

Limbo, available at BC.Game Casino, is a Crash game where players aim to predict the explosion time of Coco’s rocket (Coco is BC.Game’s mascot), dubbed “Limbo.” As the rocket climbs, success comes from setting a target payout lower than the result of Limbo, with a potential multiplier of up to 1,000,000x. Limbo features a low 1% House Edge, enhancing its appeal.

BC.Game’s Crash, developed in-house, offers a 99% Return to Player (RTP). The game includes Classic and Trenball modes (see the above image). In Classic mode, the payout adjusts based on the number of players, and players can cash out their bets at any time. Trenball mode, on the other hand, allows for bets on a line color, requiring quick placement within 6 seconds before each round.

The game’s multiplier begins at 1x, and players have the opportunity to “Cash Out” to claim their current multiplier as a payout. In line with Crash game mechanics, staying longer in the game increases the chance for higher payouts, yet the risk of crashing remains a constant threat.

Stake Crash

Similar to BC.Game, Stake Casino ( offers its own ‘Original’ games, including Crash. In this game, as with others, players predict the multiplier and aim to cash out before the rocket crashes.

Stake Crash

Stake’s Crash is played in real-time and features a live leaderboard. Players have the option to choose between Manual Bet and Auto Bet, enabling customized betting strategies. With a maximum cashout value of 1,000,000x, high RTP, and provably fair gameplay, this casino’s Crash game is also a good choice to play.

F777 Fighter by Onlyplay

F777 Fighter is a military-themed, multiplayer Crash game with high volatility and a 95% RTP. Set in an aircraft design, the game’s multiplier coefficient grows until the F777 Fighter Crashes. Aerial refueling aircrafts boost this multiplier by 20%/40%/60%.

The game includes also feature progressive jackpot activated when the multiplier exceeds 3.00.

F777 Fighter Crash Game

Overall, with dual bet functionality, auto-mode, and player interaction through emoticons, F777 Fighter provides a modern gaming experience available on mobile in all fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Circus Launch by Playtech

Circus Launch invites players into a space-themed setting where the main goal is to collect winnings before the rocket explodes. Launched by Playtech in November 2022, Circus Launch provides a 95.99% Return to Player (RTP) and allows for wins up to 5000x the initial bet. In Circus Lauch, players can personalize their astronaut character and choose their wager before starting on the space mission.

Circus Launch by Playtech

As expected, the aim is to cash-out winnings before the rocket crashes, with the choice to collect the entire payout, half of it, or use the automatic collection feature. While the game offers a range of betting from €0.10 to €500 and an engaging theme, it lacks live chat and has a slightly lower RTP than some of those in-house built crash gambling games with a 99% RTP.

Space XY by BGaming

Space XY, created by BGaming, is a crash gambling game with a space exploration theme in a space rocket. It was released on January 13, 2022. The gameplay involves betting and tracking the rocket’s path on a graph, where the X-axis measures the flight time and the Y-axis shows the potential multiplier for winnings.

As in other Crash games, the objective is to exit the game before the rocket disappears to secure winnings. Space XY has a return to player (RTP) rate of 97.00% and a maximum multiplier of 10,000x, allowing for a maximum win of €250,000. Game features include autoplay, the option for multiple simultaneous bets, and an auto cash-out function.

Zeppelin by Betsolutions

Zeppelin, a provably fair game is a unique Crash game by Betsolutions. Similar to Aviator and other Crash games in this list, there are no traditional 5 reels or symbols; instead, you watch a blimp fly across the screen and aim to cash out the jackpot before it explodes. With a release date in 2014 and an RTP of 96.3%, Zeppelin is both dynamic and user-friendly.

Zeppelin supports multiplayer functionality, allowing you to play alongside hundreds of other casino players. You can make multiple bets simultaneously, set auto cash-out options, and interact with other players through live chat.

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play

Designed to play on mobile and desktop devices, Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman is a Crash game set in space, offering a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.5% and the potential for wins up to €500,000. The game’s mechanics are such that the longer the spaceman remains in flight, the higher the multipliers, reaching up to 5000x.

Bets start from €1 to €100, with features like auto-cashout and a 50% auto-cashout option, giving players control over their gameplay. This control allows players to either secure their winnings early or continue in the game for potentially greater rewards. For more detailed insights, watch our gameplay of Spaceman Crash on YouTube.

Best Crash Gambling Games Based on RTPs

Crash GameProviderRTPHouse EdgeMax MultiplierProvably Fair
SpacemanPragmatic Play96.5%3.5%5,000xNo
Aviator Crash GameSpribe97%3%100xYes
Limbo and CrashBC.Game99%1%1,000,000xYes
Stake CrashStake99%1%1,000,000xYes
F777 FighterOnlyplay95%5%n/aYes
Circus LaunchPlaytech95.99%4.01%5,000xNo
Space XYBGaming97%3%10,000xYes
Cash or CrashEvolution99.59%0.41%50,000xNo

Which game to play? Choose Crash by BC.Game or Stake Casino for their high 99% RTP (Return to Player rate), meaning lower risk and house edge. Plus, their multiplier can reach 1,000,000x. For variety, Evolution’s Cash or Crash is also a solid pick with a 99.59% RTP and up to 50,000x multiplier.

Cash or Crash by Evolution

Crash gambling games aren’t just about flying planes and astronauts—they also offer a full-on live casino experience online. Evolution’s Cash or Crash, a live casino game show, includes a live game presenter, entertainment, strategy, augmented reality, and a lottery-style ball-drawing machine. In each round, green balls drawn from the lottery machine increase the level and offer larger payouts, while red balls lead to a Crash.

A gold ball provides a ‘shield’ against a red ball and can increase potential payouts.

Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash includes 20 levels, with Level 1 paying 1.2x and Level 20 offering up to a 50,000x multiplier of the stake. Just like with other Crash-type casino games mentioned above, you must decide whether to continue playing or cash out your winnings. As mentioned, the maximum RTP of Cash or Crash is 99.59%.

Crash Games With Jackpots

F777 Fighter by Onlyplay stands out in the Crash gambling game category for its progressive jackpot feature. The jackpot becomes accessible when the game’s multiplier exceeds 3.00. However, this inclusion lowers the game’s RTP to 95%, compared to the 99% RTP of similar games like ‘Crash Originals’ at BC.Game and Stake. So while the jackpot is enticing, the lower RTP implies a higher house edge, which naturally results in less frequent wins.

Top-Rated Casino Sites for Crash Gambling

See the list of top Crash gambling sites offering fast payouts and bonus deals. For more information, read their reviews. Experienced players know that Crash gambling is notorious for its high-stakes, high-reward nature—thus, good-quality deposit bonuses often prove useful in this game.

Bitstarz award winning EU casino

BitStarz Casino

  • Max €100 bonus + 180 Spins
  • 40x bonus wagering
  • €20 deposit minimum
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Est. payouts within 10 min
  • 5,220+ casino games
  • 80+ game providers
  • Euro, USD, crypto accepted
  • 24/7 live chat, email support
  • Curaçao licensed (8048/JAZ)
  • Established in 2014
  • Rating: 4.8/5 - Read Review

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Winz Casino EU

Winz Casino

  • One 'Wheel of Winz' spin
  • No wagering needed
  • €20 deposit minimum
  • €400,000 m/withdrawal limit
  • Est. payouts within 1h
  • 5000+ casino games
  • 100+ game providers
  • Euro, USD, crypto accepted
  • 24/7 live chat, email support
  • Curaçao licensed (8048/JAZ)
  • Established in 2019
  • Rating: 4.8/5 - Read Review

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BC.Game Casino

BC.Game Casino

  • A 150% 1st deposit bonus
  • Wager * House Edge * 20%
  • Min. deposit depends on currency
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Est. payouts within 10 min
  • 8000+ casino games
  • 100+ game providers
  • Euro, USD, crypto accepted
  • 24/7 live chat, email support
  • Curaçao licensed (5536/JAZ)
  • Established in 2017
  • Rating: 4.3/5 - Read Review

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Options for Mobile Crash Gambling

You can play Crash casino games on your mobile phone directly via your phone’s web browser, removing the necessity for dedicated casino apps. For an even smoother experience, use the “Add to Home Screen” feature on your smartphone to make a shortcut to a casino site of your choice. This way, your favorite Crash gambling games will always be just a tap away.

Crash Game Mobile

Tips for Playing Crash Gambling Games

Success in Crash casino games isn’t all about luck—it’s also about strategy. Deciding when to cash out, when to hold back, and when to go all in can be crucial. We’ve got a few tips to help you make these calls.

While there are no mathematically guaranteed winning strategies for any casino games, we use a balanced Crash gambling strategy that involves measured risk-taking, patience, and disciplined profit-taking. It isn’t based on rocket science, but here at we thought some may find it useful.

  • Start by observing the game waiting for a 1.00x Crash before you join;
  • Avoid playing immediately after high multiplier rounds (above 7x) for the next four turns;
  • Utilize a variant of the Martingale betting system. Begin with a modest bet, auto-set your payout at 2-3x, and double down on your bet after each loss (ensure you have a reasonable starting balance to endure potential losing streaks);
  • Aim to make quick, sizeable profits; an achievable goal might be a 2x return on your stake;
  • Once you hit your goal, stop playing.

This strategy combines patience, opportunism, and disciplined profit-taking, aiming to reduce long-term losses.

FAQs on Crash Gambling Games

Which online casinos offer the best Crash games?
Most online casinos sites listed here provide Crash gambling games from popular software creators like Spribe, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming. If you’re after unique Crash with more beneficial payout potential, BC.Game ranks among the top Crash sites. While their in-house developed games may lack graphics, they’re provably fair and have higher RTPs than those games with 95-97% from mainstream providers.
Is Crash game for crypto gambling only?
No, Crash games are available beyond crypto payments. While the game’s origins—and the volatility of crypto, which reflects the game’s mechanics—have made it popular in crypto-based casinos, Crash is also available in regular real-money casinos globally, provided they collaborate with Spribe, Playtech, Evolution, Pragmatic Play, or other Crash game developers.
What are the best Crash casinos, and why?
Given its in-house developed Crash game with a 99% RTP, BC.Game is one of the best choices for Crash gaming. This is higher than most similar games, with RTPs around 95-97%. Essentially, all Crash games share the same fundamental mechanic—cash out before the rocket explodes. Therefore, there’s little reason to play at casinos that offer similar Crash games with lower returns to players than 99%.
How does the multiplier work in Crash games?
The multiplier, a key element in Crash, determines your potential wins. It begins from a base (typically 1.01x) and increases as the game progresses, with the RNG algorithm ensuring fair play. The multiplier can crash at any moment between 1x and 1,000,000x depending on the game.
What are the odds of winning in Crash?
The odds of winning in Crash depend on the game’s RNG and your cash-out decisions. Precise odds are undefined due to randomness and strategy variation. Lower multipliers lead to higher winning chances with smaller payouts; higher multipliers offer greater rewards but higher risk. Remember, RTP indicates payout rates over time, not specific round odds.
How to play Crash for maximum enjoyment?
Opt for casinos with top ratings, fast withdrawals, and high RTP Crash, as well as implement responsible gambling practices such as setting personal limits on deposits, losses, and playtime.

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