Online Casino VIP Programs – Europe, 2024

Do you ever feel like your hobbies and entertainment don’t get the recognition they deserve? Well, you’re not alone! Everyone craves appreciation and acknowledgment, which is why good quality VIP programs are one of the hits among online casino players across Europe.

Best Online Casino VIP Programs to Join

Now, let’s unlock the best VIP programs for European players and compare the benefits of each. 

Winz Casino VIP Program

Winz Casino logo with text that reads 'Every ₿it of Fun'

If you’re someone who loves playing casino games often, Winz Casino’s VIP Program could be just the thing for you! This loyalty program is designed to reward frequent players who meet specific deposit and activity requirements.

As a VIP member, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits like personalized bonuses and promotions, higher betting limits, speedy withdrawals, dedicated customer support, and real money cashback and rakeback opportunities.

Joining their VIP program is straightforward — you have to deposit a minimum of 2500 EUR (or equivalent in other currencies) using the VIP bonus code or send an email to Once enrolled, you’ll receive up to 30% cashback on your weekly net loss, which is calculated as your total bets minus your winnings during the weekly period.

The cashback is credited to your account as real money on the following Monday and can be withdrawn at any time without any wagering requirements.

The great advantage of Winz Casino’s VIP Program is that it’s tailored to meet your specific preferences. Whether it’s personalized bonuses or customized customer support, you can enjoy a gaming experience that’s truly unique to you. Plus, you can benefit from faster withdrawals and higher betting limits.

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Bitstarz Casino VIP Program

Bitstarz Casino logo with text that reads 'Dream Big Win Bigger'

If you’re a high roller looking for the ultimate gaming experience — look no further than Bitstarz Casino’s VIP Program! Their loyalty program is designed exclusively for top players like you, offering a range of exclusive benefits that are sure to take your gaming to the next level.

As a VIP Club member, you’ll enjoy better bonuses, a personal dedicated VIP manager with over 10 years of experience, unlimited and fast cashouts, a customized bonus plan, and the chance to be the first to try new casino games.

There are two ways to join the Bitstarz Casino VIP Program. First, you can select the VIP bonus package when creating your account and make a minimum deposit of 1,000 EUR to complete the VIP welcome package.

As another option — if you’re someone who loves making big deposits, winning big, and playing your favorite games frequently, you may already possess the characteristics of a VIP member. In that case, Bitstarz may contact you via email to offer you an exclusive spot in the VIP Club.

The advantage of the Bitstarz Casino VIP Program is obvious. You get exclusive access to bigger and better bonuses, and you also have personalized support from a dedicated VIP manager via Skype, fast cashouts without any restrictions, and the chance to try out new games before they’re released to the general public.

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BC.Game Casino VIP Program

BC.Game Casino Dark Logo

This program is significantly different from Bitstarz and Winz. If you’re a VIP player at BC.Game Casino, you’re in for a treat. BC.Game has an exclusive program packed with goodies, rewards, and unique features to make their VIP customers special. You’ll get to participate in their competitions like Roll Competition, Secret Treasure, Raining, Coindrop, and Tip.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy higher cashback rates (%), free coins every day, and a growing percentage boost of free coins. And if you’re an SVIP member, which is their highest VIP level, you’re in a league of your own. You’ll get even more benefits, like an exclusive VIP transfer program, an SVIP host to assist you, access to the SVIP code, and a personal account manager to look after you.

That’s not all, as an SVIP, you might also get the chance to go on all-expense paid trips to exotic locations, stay in luxurious hotel suites for a week, and attend the annual SVIP Party.

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Understanding European Online Casino VIP Programs

Top casino sites have got us covered with VIP programs that cater to every need. There are various VIP programs for European players available, each with their unique benefits and requirements. So let’s explore the four primary VIP program types at top rated online European casinos — tiered VIP programs, points-based VIP programs, high roller VIP programs, and invite only.

A red carpet walk with a best quality golden icon and text that reads 'European casino VIP programs and clubs'. The image depicts an exclusive and luxurious setting, associated with high quality membership programs at online casinos in Europe

Tiered VIP Programs

Among the most widely known types of VIP programs at online casinos in Europe are tiered VIP programs. These programs allow players to achieve a sense of progress as they climb up the ranks and unlock exclusive benefits and rewards along the way.

The basic principle of a tiered VIP program is straightforward — the more we gamble, the higher our tier, and the better the rewards become. Typically, tiered VIP programs have several levels, from bronze or silver to gold or platinum, and we can advance up the ranks by earning loyalty points or meeting specific spending requirements.

One significant advantage of a tiered VIP program is the feeling of accomplishment it brings. As we accumulate points or reach spending milestones, we unlock new levels with increasingly attractive rewards, including cashback, real money prizes, high-value free spins or faster withdrawals.

How to Choose

When considering joining a tiered VIP program, you should weigh the requirements for each level against the rewards offered. Some programs may have lower spending requirements but provide fewer rewards, while others may require significant spending but grant access to exclusive events and experiences.

  • To maximize your rewards from a tiered VIP program, it’s essential to be consistent in your play and spending. Set achievable goals and work towards meeting them over time. With a little bit of planning and dedication, a tiered VIP program can enhance your casino experience and provide significant rewards. 

Points-Based VIP Programs

If you’re interested in a VIP program at European online casinos and prefer to earn rewards at your own pace, then a points-based VIP program could be a perfect fit. This type of VIP program allows you to earn points for your play and redeem them for a range of benefits.

The concept of a points-based VIP program is straightforward. Players earn points for their real money wagers, with higher bets or longer play sessions earning more points. These points can then be redeemed for bonus offerings, free spins, cashable balance, and other perks. Moreover, points-based VIP programs usually have lower entry or no specific requirements at all, making them accessible to all players.

How to Choose

When choosing a points-based European casino VIP program, consider the value of the rewards offered and the requirements for earning points. Look for casino sites that offer high point values for your favorite games and that have a wide range of gambling rewards available.

High Roller VIP Programs

If you’re an elite and dedicated player at European casinos and looking for a VIP program that offers personalized service and exclusive benefits, then high roller VIP programs could be just what you need.

To gain entry into a high roller VIP program, you must be willing to spend significant amounts of money at the casino, typically reaching six figures in a year. However, the rewards offered by high roller VIP programs like Bitstarz can be impressive, plus they offer personalized service and attention provided by a dedicated account manager.

VIP managers at the best online casinos for high rollers are experienced in catering to the needs and preferences of their customers and can assist with everything from arranging personalized casino bonus plans to cashback deals, higher withdrawal limits, and more favorable wagering requirements.

How to Choose

When selecting a high roller VIP program, consider the requirements for entry and the benefits offered. Look for programs that include personalized service, real money cashback on losses and access to exclusive experiences and events. Also, consider the value of the rewards and benefits compared to the amount of money required to qualify for the VIP membership.

  • To maximize your rewards from a high roller VIP program, maintain a consistent level of spending at the casino site and work closely with your account manager to ensure that your needs are being met.

Invitation-only VIP Programs

If you’re looking for the most exclusive and prestigious VIP program online casinos in Europe offer, look no further than invitation-only VIP programs. These are usually reserved only for the most loyal players and highest spenders and offer unparalleled benefits and rewards in the online casino world.

The benefits of invite-only VIP programs are numerous and varied, including access to exclusive events and experiences such as luxury travel and VIP-only parties. To qualify for entry into an invitation-only VIP program, you must meet extremely high requirements. As a rule, you must spend hundreds of thousands of euros over time and show a high level of dedication and loyalty to the casino site.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a European casino invitation-only VIP program is the sense of exclusivity it provides. You will be part of a small, elite gamblers group recognized for their dedication and loyalty to the casino. This recognition can be a source of pride and satisfaction for players who have invested significant time and money into their online casino gambling experience.

  • To maintain your status in an invitation-only VIP program, continue to demonstrate loyalty and dedication to the casino — keep a consistent playing activity and take advantage of any promotions or bonuses offered by the casino.

Pros and Cons of European Casino VIP Programs

Exclusive promotions and bonuses for VIP membersThe high amount of money required to qualify for VIP status
Personalized customer support with dedicated account managersVIP programs may encourage excessive online gambling behavior
Higher gambling and increased withdrawal limitsThe terms of VIP programs can be complex and difficult to understand
Access to VIP-only casino games and tournamentsSome VIP rewards may have high wagering requirements or restrictions
VIP points that can be redeemed for a cashable balance or other rewardsVIP programs are not accessible to all, barring those with limited spending capability
Invitations to VIP events and luxury holidaysVIP programs may result in players spending more money than they can afford to lose
Faster withdrawal processing timesSome VIP rewards may have short expiry periods leading to players losing their rewards
VIP-only real money game tournaments with bigger prizes 
Tailored offers based on the player’s preferences and playing habits 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining a tiered casino VIP program?
If you join a good quality tiered VIP program, you can advance through the ranks, unlocking exclusive rewards and benefits such as cashback bonuses with no wagering requirements, free spins, and faster withdrawals along the way.
Can I move up or down tiers in a VIP program?
Yes, in a tiered VIP program, your level can go up or down based on your activity and spending at the casino site.
How do I earn points in a points-based VIP program?
In most cases, you receive points for your real money wagers automatically added to your loyalty point count.
Can I redeem points for cash in a points-based VIP program?
The options can differ depending on the online casino. Some programs allow exchanging points for cash, and others provide rewards instead, such as bonuses or free spins on slot games.
What are the best ways to accumulate points in a points-based VIP program?
To earn points quickly in a points-based VIP program, choose casino games that offer high point values and that you enjoy playing.
What are the requirements for joining a high roller VIP program?
The requirements for joining a high roller VIP program are usually high, with players being required to spend significant amounts of money at the casino over a period of time, frequently reaching six figures in a year. However, there are online casino sites on our list that are a bit more lenient and will accept you with a first deposit of at least 1000 EUR. See Bitstarz for more details.
What are the benefits of joining a high roller VIP program?
Standard benefits include access to personal service, higher and better quality casino bonuses and rewards, cashback, higher withdrawal limits, and more favourable wagering requirements.
How do I get invited to join an invitation-only VIP program?
Invitation-only VIP programs are for the most loyal and high-spending gamblers, and each European online casino usually has its own specific rules and criteria for invitations. But generally, you need to demonstrate your loyalty and high spending at the casino site over a period of time.

Conclusion on VIP Clubs and Loyalty Programs

As a European casino VIP player, you can indulge in an opulent and exclusive experience by opting for a VIP loyalty program. These programs or also known as clubs, provide a plethora of benefits that exceed what regular players receive and can significantly enhance the quality of your online gambling experience.

When choosing a VIP program, it’s wise to consider the requirements and rewards for each program and your personal goals and budget. To maximize your rewards, make the most of the promotions and bonuses offered by the casino site, and collaborate with your account manager to guarantee your preferences are met.